Ryan Lewellin.


We Have No Spiritual Home

Two weeks ago we held a Cub Scouts den meeting at the local Methodist church. Nothing really noteworthy happened at the meeting. The...

One More Year With Santa Claus

A couple years ago then-President Trump took a phone call from a seven year old kid on Christmas. He asked the kid if he still believed...

How The "Wolverines" Book Is Going

During the COVID quarantine I opened up the book that I wrote in 2011. I flinched, expecting it to have the same kind of cringe quality...

Garage Battle Royale

The other day we picked up our kids from the gym daycare. They were there for a few hours for a special "parent's day out" thing. Our six...

...And We're Back

RyanLewellin.com is back online! I've taken some time off from creative stuff and I'm ready to come back. I started my podcast again,...


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