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How The "Wolverines" Book Is Going

During the COVID quarantine I opened up the book that I wrote in 2011. I flinched, expecting it to have the same kind of cringe quality as seeing a middle school yearbook picture, or worse, an embarrassing early adulthood phase pic.

It wasn't THAT bad, really. It sure as fuck needs some editing and formatting, there's no question about that. It looks amateurish, but that's for good reason. I can pick up on a few preoccupations of the time that probably wouldn't have made the cut today. I know there were a couple technical errors that have been pointed out. I'll readily admit there's redundant parts. Despite the blemishes, it's nothing I'd disassociate myself with or anything like that.

More so than the mistakes and writing, over the years ideas have hit me that I should've put in the book. At this point, there's a really big list of them to the point where it would probably double the size of the book, even considering the stuff I'd cut from the old one. When I got the idea to rewrite it, I figured I'd be in for a handful of new essays, cutting some stuff out to avoid being redundant and polishing it for an easy turnaround. Now it's looking like I'm in for a long haul to make this what I want. Here's what I have in mind so far...

- a few essays on films that were influential to the film

- analysis of the original script "Ten Soldiers" - A deeper understanding of the "world" in which Red Dawn happened

- Understanding that people want to know more about the film as well as my thoughts

- Some deleted scenes have been unearthed.

- I also want to add a chapter of "fan fiction". I've never seriously written fiction so we'll see.

- Needs more insurgency/guerrilla warfare stuff.

Most of all, through the Cold War Cast I feel I have a much better historical understanding of the era. There's a lot in the original book that I didn't expand enough on or even mention that probably should make the cut.

I'm not sure when this will be done. I'm honestly having a hard time finding the direction on some of these topics so when I do get time to write I'm rudderless. Several new chapters have been written, many old ones have been rewritten but there's still more ahead. When I wrote the original it was for fun (and it was) but I knew it would be a good vector to talk about some interesting topics. It's a little more than a book about a movie. I think I can make the new edition a lot more than a book about a movie, kinda like how Melville used a whale to talk about all kinds of other things. So maybe it won't be Moby Dick, but goddamnit, it'll be a lot better than it was.

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