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One More Year With Santa Claus

A couple years ago then-President Trump took a phone call from a seven year old kid on Christmas. He asked the kid if he still believed in Santa. The kid must've told him no and Trump said "Yeah, I know seven is marginal".

I thought it was funny, a real human and distinctly Trump moment. Of course others didn't. Either way, it seems like seven really is the age when the Santa story starts to get some holes in it.

This year Henry has been asking questions that show the gears have been turning on the Santa issue. "How does he manage to get to all the houses in one night?" "Why doesn't he visit everybody in the world?" "why does this have a barcode on it?" and other things.

Of course, adding Elf on the Shelf adds an extra layer of bullshit for him to sort through. How does the elf get back to the North Pole every night? How can she (I think it's a she?) breathe in the bottle? Why can grownups touch the elf but I can't? So-and-so doesn't have an elf at their house, why?

I can tell that he's been comparing notes with other kids at school. I remember doing the same thing when I was his age. Finding a Castlevania Nintendo game in my mom's shopping bag in 2nd grade sealed the deal for me and I figure that's about the right timeline for him too. I've never had a problem with the kids "growing up too quick". I didn't really care for the baby experience and I like that they have a bit of independence now. I look forward to other landmarks that will happen along the way. But I have to admit, this one stings a little bit.

Of course Christmas will probably remain a highlight of the year for the next several years, but something will be lost when there's no longer any magic to the season in their minds. It'll be about presents, family rituals and so-on. Not that these things aren't fun, but it won't have the same meaning as it did. The "magic" probably won't come back until later in their adulthood when they're Santa Claus for their kids or perhaps if they find deep religious significance to the Holiday

So far this year I've answered questions about Santa Claus about the same way I've answered questions about religion - usually with something along the lines of "I don't know, some things are just a mystery" and moving on.

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